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In Australia, we guide you directly to trusted 100% Green Power accredited electricity plans. Learn more about our suggested options here:
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Energy Umpire / Find Cheapest Green Power
For a small subscription fee, Energy Umpire searches all 30+ retailers in Australia and recommends you the cheapest 100% Green Power plan for your location.  They will continuously find the cheapest Green Power plan for you and help you switch.  Trusted by Impactr.
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PowershopLITE / 100% Green Power
Switch to PowershopLITE and request 100% GreenPower.  Powershop is owned by a renewable energy company and is Australia´s only accredited carbon neutral retailer.  Powershop offers attractive "refer a friend" incentives to help with the cost.
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Diamond Energy / 100% Green Power
Diamond Energy is also a renewable energy generator, and they generate more renewable energy than their customers consume, making them green power positive!  So spend with them, and request the Diamond Energy Pure Plus plan with 100% Green Power today! 
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Want to flick your school to Solar Power?
"Today’s schools have the opportunity to role model sustainability practices for children."  Frontier Impact Group is a trusted and pioneering advisory firm that can guide you towards Solar power installations for your school, home or businesses. 
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More Options / Coming soon..



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Green Power is an accreditation from the Australian Government that ensures your electricity is credited as being generated from approved green wind, solar or hydro renewable energy farms.
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Actually, to upgrade your current plan to 100% Green Power with your current company, should only cost you about $12 a month*, for the average household.  That´s way less than a 6 pack of beer!   If saving cost is your number one priority, then use the Energy Umpire service to find your recommended Green Power plan, because you might also get a saving overall on your power plan by switching over to their cheapest recommendation!
*Ref: Energy Umpire Blog